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Full of positive vibe due to beats and not only, the GOOD WTHR debut album is a promising one, combining the message with rhetoric, the positive energy with good or unhappy experiences and, why not – the confidence with the skill of transmitting message.

A few days ago I had the opportunity (and honor) to receive for review the forthcoming GOOD WTHR debut album that will be released on 3-XII-2017. It is said that everything comes at the right time and that nothing is accidental. All you have to do is trust the Universe’s process of guiding you to that immeasurable joy from work, striving and trust in your own forces. Good WTHR (a Burlington, Vermont hip hop band) does that with minimal resources and can be proclaimed to be a band that, despite having old roots in music, still shows unity, perseverance and consistency. Pro (of The Aztext) and Kin (of UnKommon), claim to come “with influences ranging from Rakim to Drake” and that “their eclectic sound will resonate with hip-hop heads, both old and new” – or at least so they mention on their Facebook page. Some still remember the collaboration of The Aztext with XPL and Skilltester Stabbone (Break it Down), which gives me the positive energy writing this review.

But let’s get back.

The album was announced on their Facebook page some time ago, namely on November the 3rd, when the track mentioned below was also released on their official Soundcloud channel. The album was announced on November 2nd on Vermont Hip Hop News site, actually (you have more technical details there), but I will let you listed to the song and we will continue with what is called to be my first review, shortly.


The album`s tracklist is as follows:

01. Imagination | Produced by ShoKass
02. I Promise | Produced by C-Doc (of Impossebulls)
03. Somewhere Shining (feat Jay Be) | Produced by Nastee
04. The Evidence (feat. 13adluck) | Produced by Nastee
05. Color Me Back (feat. Coulter) | Produced by ShoKass
06. Broken Dreams | Produced by Soulslicers
07. One Away | Produced by ShoKass
08. Sunshine In Your Stereo | Produced by Soulslicers
09. Beats & Poetry (feat. Learic) | Produced by Soulslicers
10. April 3rd | Produced by ShoKass
11. Addiction | Produced by The Dead Poet
12. Don`t Sleep | Produced by Nastee
13. Time Flies Bye (feat Tha Truth) | Produced by Uh Oh
14. WHO | Produced by !llmind
15. Happiness | Produced by ShoKass

Scrolling fast through the tracks I could not fail to notice the production, somewhat generic, but, as a very important detail, first of all – considering that the material is made outside of a professional recording studio – the vibe generally created is a very nice, positive, relaxed one, with a personal touch and has a suburb movie tone. I listened to the album walking on the street, at the subway, lying in bed, in lunch breaks at work, but the album still managed to give me the same picture. Hope was sent me. It sounds good for my tastes, but it’s not about that, it’s about what it will give YOU.

The song below was NOT included in what I received for listening/review, but let’s consider it as a bonus, being the song I would consider as my favorite:

Let’s continue, I say.

I’ve scoured each track in part looking for weak points. I have not found anything obvious to be mentioned here, but that`s because I am a perfectionist when it comes to an impeccable sound. And, as no track out there will meet my exclusive expectations, I could say that I have quickly gone from looking for weak points to what actually matters, namely, the quality of the songs from the album as a whole, as a debut material and the MC`s CV entry from the LP. I would mention some titles of songs that touched me: “Somewhere Shining,” “The Evidence,” “Don`t Sleep,” and “Happiness” – that are, from my point of view, the songs that keep the album up and standing.

Personally, I would like to see more unity in hip-hop. Concluding, courtesy of Pro, my desire seems to have begun to get a bit of hope in terms of this “movement,” but not necessarily because of this collaboration. Taking into account the announced album, the songs I listened to and the general vibe created, I tend to think that on December 3, GOOD WTHR will start this thing right.

Album listened and reviewed.

Enjoyed it: YES
Needed drugs to enjoy it: not necessary
Hip-hop heads applicability: both New and Old
Re-playable: definitely YES
Overall grade: 8/10

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